Welcome To The Introvert's Closet!

The Introvert’s Closet is a blog dedicated to those among us who cherish solitude, quiet activity, and relish the idea of curling up with a delicious book, among many other things! From a very young age I felt somehow different from my extroverted peers. Social interactions drained me, and small talk made me cringe on the inside. My introverted traits were already in evidence when I was a toddler. My mother often recounts how I would spend hours hiding and playing in closets, and even making an empty box into my private playhouse. Now that I am an adult, I still love small, private spaces. It was only in the past few years did I discover Introversion as a valid personality type. Once I understood that my ‘difference’ was a normal trait shared by many others, I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief! I wasn’t crazy or abnormal after all, I was simply an Introvert. Once that wonderful discovery was made, I researched and devoured anything I could find regarding Introversion. After gleaning so much helpful information regarding the Introvert trait, I decided I would share what I learned by creating this blog. So welcome to my online closet, a special place for us ‘Innies’ to hang out and discuss our Introversion. Of course, you will want to return to your own private closet before long to mull over the ideas that we have shared. However, when you are ready to peek your head out, and are fully recharged, I am sure you will stop by again. Of course you are always welcome, you are in good company!


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