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As the IntrovertZCoach, my job is to help my introverted clients develop a positive self image. You see, for many years people didn't understand that introversion is a legitimate personality style. The great psychiatrist, Carl Jung, who was an introvert himself, was the first to give this fact positive validation. That was a great day for introverts!

Introverts make up around 30% of the general population. Prior to carl Jung's discoveries, our personalities were defined by the 70% majority who think we are shy, anti-social, even neurotic and mentally ill.

Introverts aren't mentally ill. In fact, there's nothing wrong with us at all. Let me explain where I think the confusion comes from. When extroverted people become stressed they tend to drink, smoke and can get violent. Obnoxious as this behavior is, it is not considered mentally ill. When introverts become stressed, they tend to withdraw and can get depressed. Extroverts don't understand this behavior and label it mentally ill.

I think as a parent you will be very interested if I tell you there is one thing in particular that almost all my introverted clients have complained about in the way they were raised. They have all said about the same horrifying and tragic thing: "My mother told me I read too much and took my books away."

Introverts love to read. It is our favorite thing in the whole world. Years ago when I picked up my extroverted daughter from school, she talked non stop all the way home. When I picked up my boss's introverted daughter from school, she got in the back seat and read a book.

Please take the time and effort to understand the qualities of introversion. Help your child understand his or her special needs and build a positive self image. Don't make your child go out and play with the other kids if they don't want to. And above all, let them read! One day, when they get into a fantastic college, you'll be glad you did.

Nacy Fenn


  1. Their mothers Took their BOOKS Away???

    That's child abuse!

    My mother never did that. Even though Mom is an extrovert (as is my sister), my parents did a good job of raising an Introverted child. (Dad is an Innie too).

  2. I definitely agree with you. When I was a child my few books were my world, and I treasured each one as if thye were my best friend. In a sense they were, and still are.. So is it safe to assume you identify as an Introvert?


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