Happy New Years!

Well it is New Years Eve yet again, with all the trappings this holiday brings. You know the trappings I am referring too, the parties, the noise, the invitations to ring in the New Year with your Extroverted friends. Of course being the Introverted Souls we are we may politely decline the invites.

Last year I made the mistake of ignoring my Introverted intuition, and agreed to go to a New Years bash with an Extroverted friend. Of course her intentions were good, and I love her dearly. However, I wasn't at the party for more than a few moments before I realized I was already feeling drained, and I began zoning out. My thoughts started projecting towards the future, the very near future in fact. A future where I would be tucked snugly in my warm bed reading a favorite book. The anticipation of impending Introvert heaven was enough to sustain me through the remainder of the 'fun' party. Although half way through I did grab a drink to calm my increasingly frazzled nerves. I can see how being Introverted could lead to a drinking problem!

When we finally did ring in the New Year, I was more than ready to go home. But alas, there was an 'after-party.' Definitely an event created by and for those busy Extroverts! Of course I knew that wasn't going to be happening for me, so I called a cab and made my exit. My Extroverted friend tried her best to keep me from leaving, and I did feel guilty for leaving her there. Yet I knew I would feel far worse if I forced myself to stay. Once I arrived home, took a nice hot bath, and crawled into the sanctity of my bed, I knew I had made the right decision. Relief at last!

This year, despite the multitude of invitations to celebrate the New Year, I have decided to stay home. Alone. Now that is a concept us Innies can relate too!

Whatever your plans are, remember to respect your Introverted limits. If you decide to attend a New Years bash and begin to feel drained midway, or sooner, you may consider leaving early. There is no shame in that, as us Introverts need to take care of ourselves. Of course, if you agreed to attend the party well in advance, you may have already recharged and rested up in advance. Smart move!

Regardless of your holiday plans, I wish you all a very happy Introverted New Year!


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